A veces conviene parar, para seguir avanzando!
Escribiendo acerca cómo soy actualmente y qué he hecho hasta ahora, intentando ser lo más fiel posible a mi persona este 2020.
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From and based in Pamplona after 6 years learning in Madrid.
No course has given me what I’ve discovered by myself, working, trying and meeting people around the streets, since that’s what I like to photograph.
I get trapped by a gesture, a noisy silence, the movement of the static and all those things I look for in my mind and then try to express them on images.

Graphic design, advertisement, cinema, painting, theater and music are my life’s pillars, not to talk about my family and friends. They’re for sure one of my biggest inspiration sources.

Graduated in Advertisement Graphic Design after an extensive formation in different fields, such as 9 years of oil painting, acting, make up techniques, audiovisual communication, marketing strategies and a never-ending mix of passions, nowadays I see myself as a solving-problems type of person, pragmatic and endlessly curious.

“Low your chin, move the head to the right, look at me from the side, show your hand a bit more, relax that smile, let’s get crazy, walk on tiptoes as if the floor was on flames, feel free, shake your hands, let’s play” is not an indie song, but some of my guidelines.

Are your more of a beer, coffee or a wine person?
A shooting is not a party, but it should be something similar.
Before being professionals we’re people, and I love to work with relaxed, and open minded people. The first minutes are just a demo!
The most important thing is the attitude. That one depends on you. The rest is on me.
I like to travel. I speak Spanish and French, though we can communicate through eye-contact, and I have a model and events agency.

I´ve worked for companies like IKEA, Real Madrid Selfie, Aperol Spritz, Kiko Milano, Nescafé Francia, KPGM, Paul Mitchell, Mountain Dew… among others, and I´ve collaborated with firms likeLevi´s, Iriedaily Spain,  Hawkers or Dr. Marteens.

Oh! I’m a Cancer from the 90’s, and I believe in energy, strangers and authenticity, even if sometimes I pretend not to.
Mine? For you to ask me any doubt you have, for us to be a team and for you to be satisfied with our job.
What’s your goal?